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I don't have any particular thing to talk about today. I mean, the Lance Bass story already came out (heh - I said "came out"), so that's old news. Instead, I'll just bulletize what's going on in my hectic life these days:

  • I've got some pictures up from the last Nonetheless show. Check them out. A show reviewer from Harder Beat magazine here in Dallas came out to see us perform, and they called on Monday, requesting a picture. They almost never include a picture with their reviews, unless they like the group. The magazine owner said that we'd really like the write-up, which'll hit the stands on August 4. I can't wait. Whenever I see it, I'll likely write a whole damn post about it. Also, a band promoter was there, and was all excited about promoting us and another band there called Black Picket Fence. Hopefully something good'll come out of that. I know I talk about my band a lot here, but screw you - it's my blog, and I'll write about yo mama, if I want to. Well, it's also because I believe in us, and I want us to be successful. Trust me - if I didn't think my band was any good, you wouldn't even know I was in one. Besides...if I don't promote us, who will? Other than that guy, I mean.
  • We're moving tomorrow. In a bizarre twist of fate, we're moving back into a house we lived in for 4 years when we first moved to Texas. See, we bought that house, and lived in it for a while, even though some crazy teens stole a car, lead the police on a high-speed chase through 3 towns, and ended said chase by plowing though the brick wall of my garage. I'm not kidding. We were at work when it happened, and neither of us went straight home. DWW dropped me off at band practice (I had blown my Achilles tendon, and was in a cast and on crutches, and couldn't drive the damn stick shift cars we own), and she went to get 7YO. She called me, I got a ride home, and saw some shit straight outta the movies: a giant hole in my brick wall, just the right size and shape of a stolen car. Oh, it was all over by then. The kids were arrested, the car taken away. Only 1 officer remained, waiting for one of us to get home. Folks, I'm a very even-tempered guy. I very rarely get upset, really upset. It takes a lot, and I count the number of times I've been truly angry on one hand. But that day, I was so furiously pissed off, I actually FORGOT I was wearing a cast, and kicked the SHIT out of a chunk of brick wall. "Hurt" doesn't begin to describe that pain. Anyway, we moved from there to a place out in the country with a slower life style and more property, but we've both changed jobs, and now we both drive over an hour, one way, to work. Screw that. The old house is 35-40 minutes closer, and we still own it, so we told our tenants (the sex offender) to GTFO. And they did. So tomorrow, I endure back-breaking labor to move 2300 square feet of shit into 1400 square feet of house. Yay us.
  • Today is my eldest son's birthday. He's 7 now, and quite frankly, I've never felt older in my whole misbegotten life. I'm 34, and I have a sister who is 20, and I feel pretty old when I think about that, but man...7 years have flown by. Little ADHD bad-ass. If you've never had the joy of parenting an ADHD child, you haven't truly lived. All little kids, boys in particular, have issues with authority, but the ADHD child is unique. They do things that are inexplicable to you AND them, but they can't stop. It's a challenge, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Happy birthday, 7YO. You bad-ass. Get down from there. Put that back. Back! Where you GOT it from! Do you HEAR me talking to you? Hey! STOP kicking the dog's water bowl! Stop jumping off the bathroom sink! You know what? Go outside. Just...go. Seriously. GET OUT OF MY CAR RIGHT THIS INSTANT, 7YO!!! Sorry - I had a moment there.
Have a great weekend, bishes. Pray for my poor back. Peace.


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