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Sleep Deprivation and Periscope Nipples

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Happy (yawn) New Year, people! I'm STILL recovering from the celebrating. At 35, I'm really becoming familiar with my limitations, especially as they pertain to staying up late and acting like I'm still 20, then getting up and being a productive member of society the next day. Now I just feel like someone heavy has been beating me about the neck and head with a large summer sausage. Which sucks, 'cause I love me some summer sausage. Is is possible to rock TOO hard? Our show Sunday night went GREAT! We had a wonderful turnout, and there are so many people to thank for their hard work in helping us get this show off the ground. Getting booked for a show is easy. Putting the show together yourself is incredibly hard, and I give much love to Rowdy and Trip for spearheading the whole shebang and really working hard to make this thing the blazing success that it was. I love you, girls. You rock balls. We started the show just after midnight CST, after bringing all the bands on stage and counting down. In addition to our usual set of original songs, we surprised the crowd with covers of "Bulls On Parade" by Rage Against The Machine, "The Red" by Chevelle, "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes, "Behind Blue Eyes" originally by The Who, "Sunglasses At Night" by Corey Hart, "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, and "We Will Rock You" by Queen. We played Bulls on Parade, The Red, and We Will Rock You pretty close to how the originals were done, but we added our own Nonetheless special blend of herbs and spices to the others, making some of them completely different and new. In the midst of playing our set, we gave away t-shirts and raffled off prizes to keep the crowd pumpin'. And during our original song "Walking Time Bomb", we had a fire-breather blow HUGE fireballs right at the front of the stage. God, it was so awesome. And the whole thing was broadcast on the internet, so hopefully many more people got to hear us. And did I MENTION the people? That place was PACKED! It is such a rush when you get on stage, and people are literally elbowing each other trying to get to the front. It's so intoxicating to have that type of effect on people. It's addictive. It was just so cool to feel all that LOVE coming at us. When we played our closing song "We Exist", about 15-20 women got on stage and danced with us while we jammed. The funniest thing happened when this one girl, who had had about 10 too many to drink, started jumping up and down to the music until her left nipple started peeking out of her halter top, like a periscope on a submarine. I think it wanted to check out the show. Gordie, one of our guitarist, noticed it while she was on the floor still, and we both laughed our asses off. Well, she jumped on on the stage during "We Exist" and started bouncing even more, oblivious to her wardrobe malfuntion, until finally her B cup was just chillin' on the outside, enjoying the show. Her friends FINALLY told her, and she stuffed it back in, but not before Gordie and I died laughing over it. And did I mention that I got a little bit drunk beforehand? See, I rarely drink much at a show, because I simply cannot play when I'm drunk. I can't keep the rhythm, and on bass, that's pretty damned important. So I just don't, and that suits me fine, 'cause I'm not that big of a drinker anyway. But this was New Year's Eve, dammit, and we weren't gonna hit the stage until after midnight, so I decided to imbibe. I drank 3 rum and cokes back-to-back, and by "rum and coke" I mean Carissa the bartender filled the cup to the top with rum, and used a teaspoon to put the coke in there. There was JUST enough coke to make it slightly brown. I...was...drunk. For me, that's a shitload of alcohol. On top of that I took a couple of shots of...something. I don't ask when I don't have to pay for 'em. I stopped drinking at around 10pm, just so I could ride the wave on down until time to play. Fun times. On Saturday night, we rehearsed (for the 3rd straight night) and then went down to the bar around 10 to start decorating and making jello shots. We left there at 2:30. So you see, I'm getting to be MUCH too old for this. We need to make it big, and soon, so I can sleep all day like a vampire. And MAD PROPS to Fyrchk and HDW, who both sent me Christmas gifts: a bacon bracelet, bacon band-aids, and "Kingdom Come" by Jay-Z from Fyr, and "Talledega Nights" from HDW. LOVE YOU GIRLS SO MUCH! Thank you! OK, I need to rest now before starting with the 'tribe for tomorrow. I hope you all had a very happy, very safe, very fun time on New Year's Eve. 2007 is here, baby. Let's make it real. Peace. BY THE WAY: It should be illegal to wear all leather, including pants and boo-stee-ay (screw you, I can't spell it the right way) and boots and purse, if you're over 50 and are neither famous nor a Hell's Angel. Just sayin'.


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