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Damian's Dark Picks -- 10/27/2006

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Fucking Clemson, I swear. I love you, I truly do, but you make me crazy. Finally, after years of struggle, you make it back into the top 10. Yeah, baby. One of the best 10 teams in the country. Then what do you do? You go out on a Thursday night, wearing all white like you're a virgin or whatever, and you basically give it up to an unranked Virginia Tech team who was more than willing to see if you put out on the first date. Damn you, Clemson. Did you HAVE to go and lose 24-7 on national TV? Gawd. It's appalling. I don't even wanna talk about it anymore. So much for a BCS bowl, guys, and you can pretty much rule out an ACC championship, too. Would you like to see our fine selection of Continental Tire Bowls, or perhaps a lovely Gator Bowl? Step this way, please. --------------- My band Nonetheless is gigging tomorrow night, people, and let me tell you - it's gonna be an event. If you're in town or nearby, you HAVE to come out. We're gonna be at Tomcats in Deep Ellum, our home away from home. There's gonna be a costume contest, with the winner receiving a $50 bar tab. And the band will be in costume. Oh, yes. And you KNOW I'll have pictures of that craziness. We've got a few important dates coming up over the next couple of months, so if you're nearby, try to come out.

  • Oct 28 at Tomcats
  • Nov 17 at Curtain Club (Oh yeah, baby!)
  • Dec 9 at Tomcats (Ryan's House benefit show)
  • Dec 31 at Tomcats (ENORMOUS New Year's Eve Bash with prizes for all)
As always, check us out at or on our Myspace site to get all the details. AND... I just found out that the local Jack FM 100.3 station here is gonna start playing our music, and they're gonna promote tomorrow night's show!! Excited much? Oh yes! Let's get to pickin'! I'm not even doing the pictures this week - just the teams. I'm in a hurry. #9 Florida at Georgia, in Jacksonville Yards Per Game: UGA 328.9, FLA 403.4 Points Per Game: UGA 26.3, FLA 27.3 Yards Allowed: UGA 281.9, FLA 273.9 Points Allowed: UGA 16.6, FLA 12 Prediction: 24-21 Florida #8 Tennessee at South Carolina Yards Per Game: TENN 422, SC 359.4 Points Per Game: TENN 32.4, SC 22.7 Yards Allowed: TENN 293.9, SC 311.6 Points Allowed: TENN 18.4, SC 14 Prediction: 35-10 Tennessee (I Hate U of SC) #19 Oklahoma at #23 Missouri Yards Per Game: OKLA 392.3, MIZZ 435.1 Points Per Game: OKLA 31.6, MIZZ 33.1 Yards Allowed: OKLA 287.4, MIZZ 307.3 Points Allowed: OKLA 15.9, MIZZ 14.6 Prediction: 24-17 Oklahoma #7 Auburn at Ole Miss Yards Per Game: AUB 352.3, MISS 270.5 Points Per Game: AUB 27.3, MISS 13 Yards Allowed: AUB 302.3, MISS 382.4 Points Allowed: AUB 12.3, MISS 25.6 Prediction: 33-9 Auburn Miami at #21 Georgia Tech Yards Per Game: MIA 358.7, GT 344.3 Points Per Game: MIA 23.4, GT 25.6 Yards Allowed: MIA 269.6, GT 304.1 Points Allowed: MIA 12.7, GT 18.3 Prediction: 20-17 Miami (Upset special!) Have a great weekend, folks. Peace.


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